Maddalena Annunziata




Maddalena Annunziata is a German-Italian fashion designer based in Antwerp. She graduated from the prestigious Antwerp Fashion Academy in 2012. After several years of working in the luxury fashion sector, among others for Christian Wijnants and Sharon Wauchob, she is now starting her own project.


Maddalena Annunziata designs sweaters and accessories from cashmere and extra-fine merino wool in Antwerp. Production takes place exclusively in Italy, with a small family-run manufacturer. Her goal is to offer a luxury quality sweater, sourced and produced responsibly, at a reasonable price point and to create more awareness on value through transparency. Her work is a reflection on the relation between value and price in fashion.

She chooses to work with cashmere because it is the lightest, softest and strongest wool. Her designs are timeless, combined with a luxury quality, long-lasting material her sweaters will last a lifetime. When she designs, she always keeps in mind the women around her. Her goal is to make sweaters for different types of women with different types of bodies. The campaign is shot on friends and family, women that inspire her every day.

All yarns are 100% natural and certified by the Cashmere Council CCMI, an internationally recognized organization that regulates quality and sustainability of cashmere. The extra-fine merino wool is certified with the OEKO TEX standard. By working closely with suppliers and producers, keeping the company structure flat and selling mainly via e-commerce margins and extra costs are avoided. All savings are directly passed on to the costumer. These sweaters will be sold at half of the conventional retail price in the luxury sector.


A simple white cotton t-shirt can cost between 2€ and 200€. Even more surprisingly two identical t-shirts, produced in the same factory can have a price difference of x 100. People seem to be getting used to paying less for a t-shirt than for a sandwich and on the other hand are willing to spend up to 1000€ on a sweater by a luxury retailer. What is the actual value? Nobody seems to know anymore. Maddalena’s goal is to create more awareness on value through transparency.

To get started with her project she launched a Crowdfunding Campaign in November. Her goal is to collect 20.000€ before Christmas, only then can she start production in January. Support her Project on Cashmere Revolution


Text: Maddalena Annunziata
Photography : Stephanie De Smet
Model: Lisa Banholzer