COLLECT is a network that connects designers, artists and creative minds. We create stories and (re)present creatives through the exploration of different art forms. We interview some of the most interesting, current artists and follow / photograph their work in progress. It is our aim to honour craftsmanship and to focus on the materials used. COLLECT consists of this online platform as well as offline events. As an art direction and creative agency, we offer PR related services, photography, social media, website- and graphic design. But also exhibition curating and putting on creative events.

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Meet Stephanie, Founder / Photographer / Writer

Stephanie decided to bring her interest in design, architecture and art together to create a platform that would inspire and connect. Her passion for materials and craftsmanship also translates to her photography which is pure and analogue.

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Meet Gerlin, Editor / Writer

Gerlin is not only colourful when it comes to clothes, but also with words - you’ll find that reflected in her enthusiastic writing style.
She’s obsessed with modernist architecture and loves going on field trips to photograph said architecture.
As a member of Les VoiZines, she turned her passion for her favorite form of paper into an annual zine fest.

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Meet Lisa, Graphic designer / Illustrator

Lisa likes typo, colours and graphics (and polaroids, plants, print, ink and geometry). She adds colour to COLLECT (yes you can take that literally!) and likes thinking outside the box. Lisa always carries her Polaroid camera around to capture her daily stories and travels on film.

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Thanks to Fleur Van den Merlen, Lenz Vermeulen, Jill Mathieu

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